The Tragedy of Hindsight

“The tragedy of hindsight is that it always come too late.”
― Marilyn L. Rice, No Regrets


I fear many people are going to experience the tragedy of hindsight when it comes to the current global pandemic. And for some, it already came too late.

I’ve noticed that there are many people online who believe this to be “98% fabricated”, a hoax, a political tool… but I ask those people what they would say to the family members of those who have lost their lives across the world to this virus?

Who knows, maybe the numbers are inflated as people online claim. Maybe the Media is exaggerating the situation. Maybe some hospitals are falsely putting down COVID as the cause of death all for extra money (but I have yet to find any substantial proof this is occurring).

We are divided and so many of us are on opposing sides of the mask/social distancing issue for different reasons, some being freedom, politics, anti-government, personal beliefs, etc…

But let’s say that the death toll truly is only 50% of the over 140K claimed in the US, that is still three times the population of where I grew up and double the population where my best friend grew up.

Would you rather be seen as overreacting in order to protect those you love, as well as your neighbors, your communities, and yourself as opposed to winding up attending their funerals, being put on a ventilator, or winding up 6 feet under?

I get it… your pissed the world is “shut down”. You are bored and sick of staying home and want to go out. You want to see your family and your friends. We weren’t meant to be isolated from each other, and it is difficult.

I want to be traveling. I want to visit my friends and family that reside in other countries. I want to be out in the world… I want to dance my heart to some Aoki or Zedd, out in the middle of a sweaty group of people as gross as that might sound.

But I don’t believe that any amount of “fun” or money is worth someone’s life, anyone’s life.

So, Justin and I are doing our part to protect and save those we love and to help save someone else’s loved ones. We wear our masks when we go out, we social distance, we stay home and find other ways to entertain ourselves.

I truly believe that if everyone would just have a little more compassion, be a little less selfish, and have some empathy they might just save someone’s life, and eventually, we will make it through.

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