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Waking up from anaesthesia wasn’t as glamorous or fun as I was hoping it would be. I didn’t really know what to expect from this procedure; I was under 10 the last time I had a major surgery, so this was almost a new experience for me.

30 January 2020

Yesterday Justin took me to my first appointment with two of the specialists at the University of Utah that I am seeing for my GPA. This appointment was for my subglottic stenosis, and we didn’t know what to expect, but we are more comfortable and more informed with my current status and treatment plan.   […]

16 January 2020

Currently, my thyroid, iron, and other related health issues have been put on hold while I figure out what is going on with my lungs. Last Thursday, I went in for my CT Scan. Fingers crossed, I hoped for some good news come Friday, but I didn’t hear from anyone. I planned on calling Dr. […]

8 October 2019