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It’s 2:30pm on a Thursday. I am sitting at Miller Park in downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as I write this watching the locals go about their business; the tourists passing through on their way to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. The weather is how I like it, unpredictable. The day starting out sunny and […]

19 August 2019

normal | ˈnôrməl | adjectiveconforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected Normal is not a word that I will ever use to describe a mass shooting or any type of hate crime or violence. Normal is the word that is being used across the internet about the recent mass shootings of El Paso and Dayton. We don’t […]

6 August 2019

As much as I love reading I can also be a nerd when it comes to technology. I love to use my smartphone, iPad, MacBook… until they started taking up all my time! This isn’t something that only I am dealing with. There have been many articles on “breaking up” with our smartphones. That doesn’t […]

1 August 2018