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  1. Louise
    2020-03-22 @ 3:24 pm

    I love this! I’m also a night owl. I’ve tried everything in the book to be more of a ‘morning person,’ and for most of my life just had to be. But it never stuck. In high school I took afternoon naps to make it through. As an adult I would just try to catch up on the weekends. When I just let my natural sleep cycle do its thing, I’m on the same schedule as you (although I think I need a little more sleep than you overall, still trying to figure that out..).

    I think these are just biological differences between people and get frustrated when morning people make it some sort of holier-than-thou thing. Like calm down, this is just a natural disposition difference. Why are you taking credit for something you can’t control and judging others for something they can’t control? Some people were born with the circadian rhythm society applauds and rewards. But there are plenty of professions where being a night owl is actually really helpful, and anyone who isn’t one is going to be as miserable as I was trying to be a morning person. Like the service industry, many creative fields like entertainment, writing, etc. When you go to a concert, usually the performers have to be at their best at times when 5am risers are usually already asleep, like 11pm, midnight…sometimes even later. So they probably can’t be early birds and do their jobs well. Just sayin!


    • Candace
      2020-03-26 @ 4:01 pm

      Thank you, Louise! Interesting that when you are on your natural sleep cycle we are the same. A few nights ago I was exhausted from the day, I didn’t feel like I was tired yet, but I told myself to just go to bed and that by going to bed earlier I would get up earlier… but that is not what happened. Interestingly, I slept longer and had a pretty rough day from getting too much sleep.

      I agree that those morning larks are going to be miserable trying to be night owls, especially if they do so for work. It is important for us to embrace our natural sleep patterns. To seek out careers that fit us, as much as we can. I know this doesn’t always work out and we have to do what we can and stop judging each other for it.


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