Candace Woodbury

Hi! I’m Candace. I am passionate about traveling and learning about the culture and history of the places I visit. I am also keen on reading, journaling, writing, technology, sustainability, and inspiring people to read, write, travel and live a mindful lifestyle.

I have a diverse background of personal and professional skills with a demonstrated history of working in both reservations, office operations, and sales in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. And a recent history of working in the environmental non-profit industry.

Customer Service
Office Operations
Sales & Marketing

Kind words...

"I had the opportunity to work with Candace this past year. She is great to work with and has a very pleasant personality. She is able to get along with everyone. She is also very cool under pressure and is quick to solve problems. She was able to take on several projects assigned to her and complete them in a timely manner and with out constant supervision. I hope I have the opportunity to continue to work with her in the future."

KC Bess

"Candace is awesome on every level: skilled, talented, insightful, professional, sharp, organized, and strategic. Her professionalism shines through all assignments and projects given to her (and oh, these projects are thrown to her on a minute-by-minute basis by multiple levels of leadership). We've been working together for several years through Environmental Health Trust. Candace consistently balances a tremendous project load and more communication portals than I can possibly imagine... And she does so with grace and ease. In our countless conversations about marketing and advertising strategy, it's more than clear that Candace not only has a vision for what works, but also has the knowledge and confidence to enact it. Plus, she's sharp and witty, and is a bright spot in my day. Wherever and I go in my career, I want to work with Candace."

Alison Main

"It’s rare that you come across someone as dedicated and resilient as Candace. I had the pleasure of working with her at EHT. Her ability to juggle multiple projects at once while intuitively understanding how to prioritize tasks greatly enhanced the productivity and effectiveness of our team. In everything Candace did, she was highly organized and reliable, with excellent oral and written communication skills. I was consistently impressed by her natural ability to stay calm, provide helpful insights, and keep the ball rolling under even the most trying of circumstances. Her patience is unparalleled, she learns quickly, and she is a fantastic team player. Any workplace would be extremely lucky to have Candace!"

Louise Walter Winnard | Georgetown Law, J.D. 2018

"I would recommend working with Candace to anyone, anytime. My interactions with her have always been positive and productive. Candace is incredibly organized and easy to communicate with when the need arose. She is good with clients and interacting with others from different companies, and as far as I can tell she had excellent interpersonal relationships with her immediate co-workers as well. I would work with her again any day."

Tamera Erekson
  • KC Bess
  • Alison Main
  • Louise Walter Winnard Georgetown Law, J.D. 2018
  • Tamera Erekson

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