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“The tragedy of hindsight is that it always come too late.” ― Marilyn L. Rice, No Regrets   I fear many people are going to experience the tragedy of hindsight when it comes to the current global pandemic. And for some, it already came too late. I’ve noticed that there are many people online who [...]

20 July 2020

Does any one else have mood poisoning or is it just me? A Novel Coronavirus, Earthquakes, Murder Hornets, Giant Meteor 2020… Lately it is starting to feel like every day brings a new disaster, tragedy, or heartbreak. Something to add to the stress, anxiety, and all-around crappy feeling. “Let's be clear. The planet is not [...]

13 May 2020

With the Tardis - Big Island - 2017 For one of my first posts I am sharing 11 factoids about moi as a miniature get to know me.   I don’t speak French.  Maybe one day… I can read Swedish & German and speak both at elementary level and plan to continue learning. I would [...]

28 April 2020