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“The tragedy of hindsight is that it always come too late.” ― Marilyn L. Rice, No Regrets   I fear many people are going to experience the tragedy of hindsight when it comes to the current global pandemic. And for some, it already came too late. I’ve noticed that there are many people online who [...]

20 July 2020

Does any one else have mood poisoning or is it just me? A Novel Coronavirus, Earthquakes, Murder Hornets, Giant Meteor 2020… Lately it is starting to feel like every day brings a new disaster, tragedy, or heartbreak. Something to add to the stress, anxiety, and all-around crappy feeling. “Let's be clear. The planet is not [...]

13 May 2020

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James Part of The Dark Star Trilogy Published by: Riverhead BooksFeb 04, 2020 | 640 Pages From the Publisher: In the stunning first novel in Marlon James’s Dark Star trilogy, myth, fantasy, and history come together to explore what happens when a mercenary is hired to find a missing child… […]

11 May 2020

With the Tardis - Big Island - 2017 For one of my first posts I am sharing 11 factoids about moi as a miniature get to know me.   I don’t speak French.  Maybe one day… I can read Swedish & German and speak both at elementary level and plan to continue learning. I would [...]

28 April 2020

Welcome to Candacisms! This is a journal of my happy and serendipitous life with my husband, Justin, and my collection of personal ruminations on a variety of topics, starting with Earth Day 2020. Wednesday was the 50th celebration of Earth Day since it started in 1970. We have spent the past few years on the coast, [...]

25 April 2020

There are certain things that I do each day, part of the semi-routine I have going. Reading is a habit of mine, and I read everything from online op-eds to large historical accounts. Recently my online reading has been overrun by individuals telling me to be successful, I have to wake up at 5 a.m. […]

21 March 2020

Over 300 million people are living with one or more of the 6,000+ rare diseases in the world today. I am one; I am rare. In October 2019 I was diagnosed with Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis, a rare disorder that is a form of vasculitis (ANCA-associated vasculitis), classified as an autoimmune disorder. As a complication of […]

27 February 2020

This week has been exhausting… and it is only Wednesday. I’m not complaining though, because today was a good news day. I wasn’t sure what to expect as we headed down I-15 to Salt Lake City on our way to visit one of my ENTs to see about my sinuses and ears in relation to […]

13 February 2020

Waking up from anaesthesia wasn’t as glamorous or fun as I was hoping it would be. I didn’t really know what to expect from this procedure; I was under 10 the last time I had a major surgery, so this was almost a new experience for me.

30 January 2020