2020 Reading Goal – 100 Books

It’s been a few years since I set a goal for how many books I wanted to read this year. I used to take part in the Goodreads Challenge, but found that it just didn’t work for me and I only met my goal a few times. Comparing to friends, for motivation, didn’t help either, as many of my friends read different books, genres, etc., then I do. I will read just about anything, but I cover a lot of fantasy… and I break it up with biographies, history, non-fiction, but if you recommend a book to me, chances are that at some point I will get around to reading it. 

2019 was a slow year for me in terms of how many books I read. I finished 11 books; I started 5 others that I didn’t finish… hopefully I will get around to finishing them this year. 

2020 is a fresh start, a new decade, and I plan to consume and absorb as many books as possible. Originally I set a goal of 60 books for the year, but after a discussion with my friend Tamera, I have amended that goal. For 2020 I have set a lofty goal of 100 books. Extreme? Maybe, maybe not. I have managed in the past to reach that goal, back in 2012 I think it was. I didn’t binge watch much TV then, and I am trying to get out of that horrible habit that I blame on Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Amazon Prime… there is an overload of content, but I never feel fulfilled after binging TV shows, even if they are good, I loved MindHunter, and plan to read Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by John E. Douglas.

Simon Van Booy said that he reads books because he loves them, not because he thinks he should read them, and while I agree with Simon, I also think life sometimes can sidetrack us from the things we love and the things that bring us happiness and joy. Books have always been something that brought immense happiness into my life, and I miss that… so I think I should read more books, like I use to. 

I read books because I love them, not because I think I should read them. – Simon Van Booy

Books open us up to worlds, cultures, and experiences that we might not otherwise have. They allow us to understand topics from different perspectives, allow us to form our own opinions, while still being able to have empathy and an understanding for the people and places around us. The only other thing that offers this way of learning is to travel, but many of us will not get far enough away from our homes and what is familiar to us to reach a different level of understanding, books are the solution. 

Read, read as many books, as many genres, as often as you can. Here’s to reading 100 books in 2020!

Do you have a reading goal for 2020? If so what is it? Share in the comments below, or on the Candid Nook Facebook Page and/or Facebook Group.

🖤 Candace

For those interested in what books are sitting on my shelves, visit my 2020 bookshelf to follow along as I add books to read, and finish books. 

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