Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Photo by Candace Woodbury

I never read reviews online before I read a book myself. Only after I have read the book and formulated my own opinion do I look at what others had to say… I sort of wish I had looked before I picked up a copy of Sapiens. The majority of reviewers on Goodreads seem to love this book with 5-star reviews. I am not one of those people.

Bill Gates got it partially right in his quote on the cover “…a fun, engaging look at early human history…You’ll have a hard time putting it down.” For me, this was true for Part One, The Cognitive Revolution. I couldn’t put it down, but then I began Part Two, The Agricultural Revolution and I started to struggle just to continue reading. Part three and four didn’t stick as I skimmed over them just trying to finish the book.

Under sourced considering the topic and full of personal opinion and bias and nowhere near the amount of scholarly work I was hoping for left me NOT illuminated and wishing I had stopped after Part One.

For me this was not the Brief History I had expected it to be, maybe my expectations were too high from the rave reviews on the cover, including from Jared Diamond, who I have enjoyed. I leave it up to you to read this book as I never want to discourage reading and there is a majority of readers who enjoyed this book… it just wasn’t for me (after Part One).


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