The History of Bees by Maja Lunde

Photo by Candace Woodbury

A while back I purchased The History of Bees by Maja Lunde. I had been doing some research and wanting to widen my scope of reading, to read more than just native English speaking authors. That was when I came across Maja’s book, and it sounded interesting enough. I looked at all my local bookstores and nothing… so I had to order it online through Indie Bound.

It was a slow start, the first few chapters took me a bit to get through, and I was tempted to put it down, but having read the study “Pollinators in Peril,” I kept reading interested in what the outcome of this novel would be.

Three stories, from different times and locations, connected in a way that you discover at the book’s end. William in 1851, George, 2007, and Tao in 2098, tied together by those little pollinators, bees. In 2098, there are no bees, they have all but been destroyed by humans screwing up our environment. This story is all about the bees, but it is also about the relationships between each of our characters and the bonds/expectations with their children, a complicated relationship that mirrors our relationship with nature in a peculiar way.

The ending, while sad, leaves one with not just a warning, but also hope. Tying the story together and bringing everything full circle. I am happy that I finished it and I would encourage others to read it, along with “Pollinators in Peril.”


I might never have read this book if I hadn’t challenged myself to read more diversely. More books need to be translated into multiple languages. To spread ideas and the joy of reading.

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Happy Reading!

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