11 Factoids About Me.

With the Tardis – Big Island – 2017

For one of my first posts I am sharing 11 factoids about moi as a miniature get to know me.


I don’t speak French. 

Maybe one day… I can read Swedish & German and speak both at elementary level and plan to continue learning. I would also like to learn to speak Korean.

I start every “morning” with a latte made by Justin. 

He is a keeper. Every morning he has a latte all ready for me before I even get out of bed. I am spoiled rotten and not sure how I would function without him anymore. Coffee is life blood and one of my most favorite things.

I hate peanut buttercups.

Or anything that is chocolate and peanut butter mixed. Separately I love chocolate and peanut butter.

I love to make up words.

And I even have a personal little dictionary that I am creating with a friend. It’s a work-in-progress and is full of our made-up words for use while slicing up a conversation or just general fuckery.

I maintain that (Mother) Earth should be (Mother) Ocean.

I am a total thalassophile and being anywhere near the Pacific Ocean makes me happy. I also feel that all citizens of this planet need ocean literacy. People have a responsibility to understand their impact on the ocean and the ocean’s impact on them, to understand how powerful and important a resource it is.

Reading is very important to me.

Books are a huge cornerstone of my life. I love to read and hope to inspire others to read and appreciate storytelling, folklore, and literacy. I don’t feel that we should ban ANY book for ANY reason… same goes for burning books.

I studied history and religion while attending University.

I LOVE history! Ancient through medieval, after that my attention drags… unless we are discussing religious history. I wanted to study rocks originally and become a geologist. Life had other plans for me, but I still spend a lot of my free-time reading about (structural and stratigraphy) geology.

I have a rare disease.

In October 2019 I was diagnosed with Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (a type of vasculitis) and Subglottic Stenosis. Since my diagnosis I have undergone surgery on my trachea, immunosuppressive therapies, and developed acquired methemoglobinemia as a side effect from a prophylactic medication. I am currently in remission and hope to stay that way.

Roadtrips are my favorite.

Justin and I both love to travel and explore new areas. Wildnfree.life is where you can follow us on some of our adventures. Together we have visited 3 of the 7 continents and 11 countries. We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Mother of Elkhounds, Dragons, and more!

Justin and I have a lot of furbies/fids (fur and feather babies/kids). There is:

  • Dexter – Pomeranian (15 yrs old)
  • Gavin – Old English Sheepdog (12 yrs old)
  • Tove – Norwegian Elkhound (6 yrs old)
  • Sigrun – Norwegian Elkhound (4 yrs old)
  • Chibs – Green Cheeked Conure
  • Katie – Jenday Conure
  • Loki – Parrotlet
  • Itty Bitty Hobby – Registered Quarter Horse

You may see them or hear about them from time to time. They are a huge part of my life. Once we find our perfect place to move and settle down somewhere with at least 5 acres; I plan to adopt a few alpacas and maybe a few goats. I always wanted to run an animal rescue, but it’s not in the cards for me right now… maybe one day.


And there you have it, a little of me in a nutshell!

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